Municipal Regional Learning Centers (RLCs)

Municipal Regional Learning Centers (RLCs)

Nearly all municipalities in Nepal share similar challenges – very limited financial resources to invest in local development, insufficient personal, lack of coordination and project implementation capacity.

It is for this reasons that 10 years ago Municipal Regional Learning Centers were established to have regional networks for knowledge and experience exchange as well as for promotion of good practice in urban local governance.

There are RLC’s in each of the current Development Regions in Nepal and one for Kathmandu Valley:

-              RLC Far Western Region with Dhangadhi Municipality as hosting municipality

-              RLC Mid Western Region with Nepalgunj Municipality as hosting municipality

-              RLC Western Region with Butwal Municipality as hosting municipality

-              RLC Central Development Region with Hetauda Municipality as hosting municipality

-              RLC Kathmandu Valley with Dhulikhel Municipality as hosting municipality

-              RLC Eastern Development Region with Dharan Municipality as hosting municipality

Each regional network consists of all municipalities and RLC focal persons who are assigned in addition to their work duties by Executive Officers of their respective municipalities. The hosting municipality acts like a secretariat, while programs and activities are conducted throughout all affiliated members.

Current system of RLC.After Government of Nepal has declared 72 new municipalities with more following soon.MuAN is preparing regional workshops to welcome and integrate the new municipalities into RLC network.


RLC activities are following Annual Plans related to improve results in service delivery according to Minimum Conditions / Performance Measurement System in the following areas:

-          Planning and development program management

-          Institutional & Human Resource development

-          Revenue mobilisation& management

-          Environment & waste management

-          Community development and income generation activities

-          Urban poverty reduction

-          GIS and ICT application

-          Gender & social inclusion / Child friendly local government

RLC’s organize

-          Intra-municipal cooperation and partnerships

-          Orientation and training programs for municipal staff

-          Experience exchange and promotion of good practice

-          Exposure Visits

For coordination and lobbying at national level, MuAN has established RLC desk in 2013 which is attached to its Communication Unit.


For more information about RLC’s also see: http://www.rlc.org.np/