Har Govinda Pandey

Har Govinda Pandey
Name : Har Govinda Pandey
Position : Programme Officer
Email id : hgpandey@muannepal.org.np
About me : For over 12 years, Har Govinda Pandey’s work has helped improve municipal and urban governance in Nepal. He has consulted as an Urban Governance expert for several programs; including UNDP and LGCDP run projects.

Har Govina has an in-depth knowledge of municipal operations, throughout his position with LGCDP he was stationed at Siddharthanagar Municipality, where he was responsible for all five municipalities in Rupandehi District.

Since a young age, Har Govina wanted to work in the development sector, to ensure Nepal became more sustainable and progressive. To support this goal, he completed a Master Degree in Regional Development Planning and Management. Currently, he is a Masters fellow in Philosophy, studying Public Administration at Tribhuvan University. He hopes his future work will enable municipalities to develop capacities for becoming smart cities.

Outside of work, Har Govina likes to spend time reading and writing articles, visiting new places, watching sport, and spending time with his family.