नेपाल नगरपालिका संघको संविधान २०७५

MuAN, established in 1994, is an umbrella organization representing entire municipalities of Nepal, which is registered under the National Directive Act 1961 AD. It is a non profitable and non political organization. All 293 municipalities including metropolitan and sub Metropolitan cities are members of MuAN. MuAN has successfully established its credibility as a national voice for Municipalities.

The objective of this organization is to safeguard the common interests of municipalities through advocacy and lobbying, networking and advisory support to municipalities.

Since its establishment, it has also been a key partner of government by helping to support in policy/law making process and implementation the acts, regulations, guidelines and policies of the government at the local level. Despite in the absence of elected local governments for the last 17 years, MuAN continued to advocate and lobby for the common interests of municipal governments (i.e. Municipalities). MuAN actively engaged in lobbying and advocacy in the context of ensuring devolved local governance system in new constitution of Nepal, the restructuring of local government namely, urban and rural municipalities and preparation dummy laws to municipalities in new state restructured context.