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Strengthening Municipal Governance in Nepal - The Asia Foundation

Background :

Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN) in partnership with The Asia Foundation (TAF) Nepal, under the DFAT-TAF Partnership on Sub-national Governance Program has initiated a project titled "Strengthening Municipal Governance in Nepal." The project will operate at federal, provincial and local level involving both demand and supply sides for developing the capacity of sub-national actors which leads to effective service delivery and public sector accountability. The project activities will benefit all the urban municipalities and their officials to enhance capacity to implement local government policies, programs and services effectively.

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen municipal governance in Nepal to implement activities related to capacity building of municipalities, strengthening inter-governmental relationships and improving local government service delivery.


Main objective of the project is as follows;

  1. Enhance the capacity of Municipalities and elected municipal representatives to implement local government policies, programs and services effectively
  2. Provide technical and advisory support to the municipalities to promote effective and efficient service delivery
  3. Promote and facilitate intra and intergovernmental coordination and cooperation between local and provincial government to improve local governance
  4. Strengthen the institutional capacity of MuAN to better advocate for the needs and interests of Municipalities in the new federal structure.

Expected Project Results:

Following are the expected results from the projects

  • Improved capacity of Municipalities in understanding and delivery of public services
  • Capacity of local representatives enhanced to ensure effective service delivery to the taxpayers
  • Municipalities are more responsive to citizen's demands, especially to women, dalit and marginalized sections of population
  • Seven provincial municipal learning centers (PMLCs) will be functional and strengthened
  • service delivery in partner municipalities has been improved and people have better access to municipal services
  • enhanced capacity of MuAN to respond to the emerging municipal needs and challenges
  • Improved intergovernmental communication, coordination and cooperation between local and provincial government
  • Increased implementation of newly adopted/existing legislation in municipalities