Urban resource center

Urban Resource Center was established in December 2000 within the MuAN office under the Information and Networking Unit. The Center has been building a modest collection of Books, Documents, Newsletters, Brochures, Journals, Annual Reports, Training Materials, Videos and general information on urban sector and all 293 Municipalities of Nepal.

If you or your organizations is interested to contribute books and materials to make this Resource Center more informative and useful to its member municipalities and to other stakeholders, then MuAN welcomes your contribution and collaboration in sending us report, books, publications, training manuals, videotapes, and information material related to the urban development sector. These documents sent to MuAN will be properly classified and placed in MuAN’s Resource Center for the use of all stakeholders interested in urban development.

Center’s location & hours


530-Pandol Marg, Lazimpat Kathmandu, Nepal

(Sun - Fri)

10:15am - 3:45pm (Winter)
10:15am - 4:45pm (Summer)

10:15am - 2:45pm (Friday)

Closed during government holidays

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Borrowing Policy

  • The books in the resource center of MuAN could not be borrowed but can be photocopied in MuAN
  • The photocopying of the books will cost about Rs. 2 per page
  • Citizenship / Passport is required to Photocopy the books and materials outside the MuAN from this Documentation Center.
  • In case of loss or damage of books/materials while photocopying outside, the borrower is responsible for reimbursement (in kind).

Urban resource center

The documents and materials available in urban resource center are categorised under following groups as below:

Urban Development Planning (General)
  • Legislation / Law / Act / Constitution / Regulation
  • Urban Poverty
  • Gender
  • Best Practices
  • Resource Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Urban Governance
  • Strategy and Policy
Urban Finance (General)
  • Policy/Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Tax Management
  • Accounting System
  • Best Practices
  • House Numbering
  • Financial Status/ Fund Allocation
  • Budget
Urban Development Planning (General)
  • Transportation / Roads
  • Sanitation / Drainage
  • Electricity
  • Telecommunication
  • Health
  • Education
  • Settlement
  • Town Planning / Development
  • Culture Heritage
Urban Development Planning (General)
  • Policy / Strategy
  • Rural Urban Linkages
  • Research Papers / Case Studies
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Best Practices
  • Participatory Approach
  • Community Mobilization
Urban Economics and Social Research (General)
  • Economic Overview (National and International)
  • Social Studies
  • Micro Enterprise / Macro Enterprise
  • Saving and Credit
  • Best Practices
  • Marketing / Business
  • Case Studies / Research Papers 
Information, Communication and Networking (General)
  • Policy / Strategy
  • Networking
  • Communication
  • Computer Technology
  • Best Practices
  • Database/Demography 
Environment (General)
  • Air
  • Land Development
  • Water Development
  • Policy / Plans / Strategy
  • Research / Case Study
  • Forest / Conservation
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Best Practices
  • Energy 
Reports General
  • Workshop Report
  • Seminar / Conference Report
  • Training Report
  • General reports
  • Stories
  • Gender
  • Population
  • Project document